Bright sunshine, summer-hot weather, sandy beach, stylish venue, quality catering, relaxed participants willing to mingle and to network… This might usually be the recipe for any event to become a success. The organisers of Baltic Venture Capital Associations Summer Symposium last Thursday in Jurmala had gone even further by bringing in a moderator who was both charismatic and entertaining. Read more...


You might recall our pre-holiday note published in early July which featured the picture of a lazy raccoon in all its blissful idleness. Those nice days, regretfully, are coming to an end, as is, by the way, the short Baltic summer. Tim Ferriss, a writer and a self-appointed human guinea pig, admits that he is not a fan of idleness, except in small doses. It appears so that we at mergers.lv have used up our quota for this summer in full. Read more...


Some debates seem to be going on forever. One of them is devoted to the role of financial services, and, depending on where we are in the economic cycle, this debate might get more or less heated and bitter. What is it that finance contributes to the society? Is it adding value or is it just self-serving? Can more regulation introduced by the government change the way it behaves? Read more...


Calendar says that it is July already. The latest forecasts promise that we are going to have a truly summer weather finally. And most of the people one is trying to reach are either on vacation already, or spending the last days in the office before leaving for holiday. Ladies and gentlemen, this is official now: the summer season has started! Read more...


We, Latvians, have not been spoiled with having a nice warm climate. Neither are we blessed with having plenty of sunshine all year round. This probably explains the way we are treating the Midsummer night’s celebrations, with total and utmost seriousness. This is the time of the year when everyone feels compelled to move out of town for a few days at least and to light up a bonfire.

We at mergers.lv are about to join the crowds leaving the city and will be back on Tuesday, June 30. Read more...

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