Despite the absolutely dreadful weather today here in Riga the proximity of summer is almost palpable. I trust that all of us are looking forward to some sunshine.

I would like to thank all of those who have responded to my request with your ideas on how we could make mergers.lv better. Over the coming months we will be trying to implement many of your suggestions. You hopefully will notice and appreciate the new and somewhat different content that will in general appear more frequently than up to now. We will try to explore various approaches to decide on what changes we could make permanent prior to starting our third year of operations. Read more...


The forthcoming Easter holidays mark an important anniversary for mergers.lv – the concept in its present shape was finalised this time of the year two years ago and we went public later in the summer. This might be the right time to contemplate what we could do to make mergers.lv more appealing and useful for our readers when entering our third year of operations. Read more...


The last week’s panel discussion about the Latvian venture capital and private equity market, which yours truly had the privilege to moderate, was seeking answers to a range of questions. What is the current supply and demand situation with venture capital and private equity in Latvia? How well-functioning and sustainable is the whole ecosystem and what can and needs to be done to make it more efficient? What else can be done by the government to make investments in this asset class more attractive for private sector investors? Read more...


What was originally intended as a regular Christmas and New Year break transformed itself into, for lack of a better word, a mini-sabbatical. But we are back again as of today and ready to share our views about the Latvian M&A and investment markets and any other related topics. Read more...


Only 12 months separate the annual Baltic Private Equity and M&A Forum, which took place last week in Vilnius, from the previous meeting of the Baltic barbarians in Riga (more on that here), but the prevailing atmosphere was quite different. The usual energetic buzz created by so many dealmakers being in the same room was still there, but a new feeling of concern and uncertainty clearly permeated the event. Read more...

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