It is Warren Buffet who invests for long term. The lesser mortals usually are more restricted in their actions. For regular private equity investors the investment holding periods are limited by the life cycle of the fund the particular investment has been made from. This usually means that exit needs to be sought in year 5, or, in some cases, a year or two later. Anything that goes beyond that is already exceptional. For instance, an investment that has been held for more than ten years. Read more...


Louis XIV, the king of France, has been credited (albeit, not everyone agrees to this) with coining the phrase L'Etat, c'est moi, or, I am the State. Things have changed since then and not many rulers are still around who can claim the same thing. But each of us probably has come across business owners who fully identify themselves with their companies. Read more...


In early spring we were looking back at a very disappointing first quarter if measured by the M&A activity (the full note can be found here). Almost immediately after it was published the quiet period ended and things started accelerating in the market. Some pressure and frenzy at that time of year is not untypical as deal-makers try to wrap the things up before the summer season starts. But this year the M&A market continued to gather momentum also during the summer months. Apparently, quite a few people preferred real work to working on their suntan! Read more...


Bright sunshine, summer-hot weather, sandy beach, stylish venue, quality catering, relaxed participants willing to mingle and to network… This might usually be the recipe for any event to become a success. The organisers of Baltic Venture Capital Associations Summer Symposium last Thursday in Jurmala had gone even further by bringing in a moderator who was both charismatic and entertaining. Read more...


You might recall our pre-holiday note published in early July which featured the picture of a lazy raccoon in all its blissful idleness. Those nice days, regretfully, are coming to an end, as is, by the way, the short Baltic summer. Tim Ferriss, a writer and a self-appointed human guinea pig, admits that he is not a fan of idleness, except in small doses. It appears so that we at have used up our quota for this summer in full. Read more...

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