By Aivars Jurcans

Despite the absolutely dreadful weather today here in Riga the proximity of summer is almost palpable. I trust that all of us are looking forward to some sunshine.

I would like to thank all of those who have responded to my request with your ideas on how we could make mergers.lv better. Over the coming months we will be trying to implement many of your suggestions. You hopefully will notice and appreciate the new and somewhat different content that will in general appear more frequently than up to now. We will try to explore various approaches to decide on what changes we could make permanent prior to starting our third year of operations.

As part of this we are about to launch a new initiative to expand our geographic coverage. We are about to open the floor to guest columnists, and this will be kick-started tomorrow by Mr Darius Klimašauskas, who will share his views and opinions about the M&A market in Lithuania this year. Do not miss this and other news on mergers.lv by subscribing to our news or by following us on any of the platforms listed below.

Your feedback during this testing and exploration period would be invaluable. Please feel free to comment and to express your views either in the “Comments” section on the site, or by sending me a note via e-mail.


Aivars Jurcans

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