By Aivars Jurcans

Calendar says that it is July already. The latest forecasts promise that we are going to have a truly summer weather finally. And most of the people one is trying to reach are either on vacation already, or spending the last days in the office before leaving for holiday. Ladies and gentlemen, this is official now: the summer season has started!

We at mergers.lv are not immune against the temptations the nice weather outdoors has brought. But we are not closing for vacation this year. Instead, starting from this week and until late August, we are moving into a summer mode. This means that we will switch from having our regular two posts a week to a more relaxed and flexible schedule. We will still be following the M&A and private equity space and continue sharing any interesting bits that we come across.

Please don’t forget to look up mergers.lv occasionally while on vacation, especially when you get bored of sipping cold drinks on the beach or when feeling the first symptoms of office withdrawal appearing.

As Sam Keen, an American author and philosopher, has once said, deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. A nice and relaxing break to you all!

Aivars Jurcans

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