By Aivars Jurcans

You might recall our pre-holiday note published in early July which featured the picture of a lazy raccoon in all its blissful idleness. Those nice days, regretfully, are coming to an end, as is, by the way, the short Baltic summer. Tim Ferriss, a writer and a self-appointed human guinea pig, admits that he is not a fan of idleness, except in small doses. It appears so that we at mergers.lv have used up our quota for this summer in full.

Because of that we are about to return to our normal publishing rhythm starting next Tuesday, normally posting new notes twice a week. As before, we will be tracking the M&A and private equity transactions in Latvia. But, at the same time, we will also publish on any related topics that we find of interest, be it related to global industry trends, or dealing with more technical “nuts and bolts” aspects of deal making. We also intend to continue with opening our site to guest columnists now and then.

With everyone returning back from holidays and Baltic venture capitalists congregating at the summer symposium in Jurmala today we expect a lot of exciting action in the coming autumn months. Stay tuned!


Aivars Jurcans

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10-01-2018, 16:43
Edgars Skrinda
wrote: Tirdzniecības finansēšanas ar faktorings atbalstu https://www.cityfinances.lv/tirdzniecibas-finansesana/
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