Following on from the launch of our annual Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Journal in December, we are pleased to release our Latvian M&A Journal 2016 which provides a summary of M&A activity in Latvia during the period from January 1 and until December 31.

Contrary to 2015, when the local M&A market hardly picked up until spring, 2016 saw a relatively well-balanced level of dealmaking throughout the year. The number of publicly disclosed transactions approached 50, which is comparable to the levels of deal activity the year before. Healthcare, real estate management and energy sectors were the year's main hotspots of activity, while some of the Latvian companies also demonstrated significant activity to expand geographically through acquisitions abroad.

In the Journal you will find a list of these transactions and detailed summaries of what we consider to be the 20 most notable and interesting deals.

You are welcome to download your FREE copy of the Latvian M&A Journal 2016 either in Latvian or in English.


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