Despite the periodic upswings, the annual average number of IPOs across the OECD countries has decreased from about 1,170 in 1990s to 670 in 2010-2011, while the average amount of capital raised has decreased from USD 132.7 billion to USD 69.9 billion a year. The EU IPO Task Force has been looking for the underlying reasons behind the upsetting statistics in their report published at the end of March (the full report is available here). Read more...


The year 2008 crisis is called “financial” for a good reason. All the financial innovation and risk-taking notwithstanding, the banks had spent almost a decade behaving like the Pac-Man arcade game character and gobbling up other banks with an aim of building global financial powerhouses. Those involved in and closely familiar with this side of banking activity usually worked under the umbrella of corporate development function at their respective institutions. Read more...


For us in the Baltics, an initial public offering (IPO) has long ceased to be a viable option to consider either as an exit mechanism for a financial investor, or as a serious alternative to raising additional capital. Only a selected few in the region have chosen this route lately, although rumours persist about several Baltics-based companies at least contemplating an IPO. And some of them apparently are not happy with the domestic prospects and might be looking at the exchanges elsewhere in Europe. Read more...


The news became public only last week when Gemaga, a Kaunas-based Lithuanian wholesaler of tea, coffee and related products, announced that it had acquired 100% of shares in Inteka SIA, a Latvian producer of tea and wholesaler of tea and coffee, for an undisclosed consideration. Read more...


Despite some delay from the original schedule, the transaction whereby the group of international investors led by Ripplewood Advisors acquired the 75% minus one share in Citadele banka AS from the Latvian Government closed earlier this week. Read more...

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